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Guest Article Submissions to World  Sports News:- is one of the oldest and most respected webmaster resources and news sites that attract visitors from around the world and reaches more than 5 Million online commercial audiences through its Monthly newsletter.

Use the following form if you want the articles published on our website or in our newsletter. Remember, this is NOT an article directory. They are only interested in articles related to the following topics:

SEO • Social networks • RSS • Blogs • Business • Video • Marketing • Technology • E-commerce • Web development • Site promotion • Ranking of websites • Web design • Link building •
We accept three types of items:

1) Presentations of general articles

Articles that have been published elsewhere or that are simultaneously in other pages, articles, blogs, etc. They are completed, posted on our site and can refer to our newsletter, but do not obtain a primary preference for priority exposure on the WSN website or in the WSN newsletter.

2) Exclusive items

Authors who submit original content that has not yet been published elsewhere and agree that they will not send other pages for ten days from the date of sending the WSN if they choose their articles will receive the following benefits:

An excellent location on our website and in our newsletter.
An excellent location on our Facebook page and our Twitter account.
3) Sponsored articles

3) Sponsored Articles

For authors who wish to submit original or previously published articles. Sponsored Articles are sold at a cost of $125 USD per article (a refund will be provided if the article not accepted).  Articles are given priority and receive the following benefits:

  1. Sponsored articles are posted to the Recent Articles section on the homepage for 1 day then are added to the WSN article archive.
  2. Posted to our Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  3. Up to 3 do-follow links in both the article body and author bio.

Article Submission Terms and Conditions:

By submitting this article to, you agree to the following terms:

  • 1. You are the author of the article and the owner of the exclusive copyrights.
  • 2. does not guarantee that your article will be published or the duration of its publication.
  • 3. has an unconditional license to publish the article on our site and send it in the chosen form, which includes, among others, our newsletter, RSS or content sources.
  • 4. Demonstrate your article before sending errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure.
  • 5. reserves the right to edit your article in grammar, spelling, and format, and for any reason, classify, classify or delete the article at any time.
  • 6. World Sports News may or may not contact you regarding the acceptance or denial of the submission.

7. To comply with the following presentation guidelines:

  • a.) Length of article: 800 to 10000 words
  • b.) Author Bio: 400 to 450 characters (50 to 60 words)
  • c.) Links to articles: Use it only to support the content of the article.
  • d) Promotional links: only use in the Author Bio.
  • E.) Articles include: Focus on unique problems of webmasters and/or website owners topics of interest (ie, SEO visibility, website promotion, SE to rank, web design/development, from RSS, blogs, social communities, videos, and e-commerce).

8. World Sports News can send you reports and review our services carefully.

To cancel or modify the shipment of articles, contact us at editor [at]